Holy Beautiful Ministry

for Women

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A Woman Wearing a Sun Hat

In 2021, Jane partnered with Holy Beautiful founder Jennifer Howard and became part of the Holy Beautiful Family.  Together they bring a gathering place to women founded with the desire to encourage, connect and equip Christian women to live a life in community and authenticity with each other as they walk and grow in their faith. We believe in a living and breathing God, whose Spirit lives in each and every one of us. His Spirit breathes life continually into the world through the talents and gifts of those around us. We see Him in literature, nature, art, architecture, music, film, food and in all the intricate details of our lives. Holy Beautiful seeks out the holy and the beautiful with intention and purpose to inspire women to see Christ reflected and present in even the simplest moments of their lives. It is in these moments that our lives can become more holy, more beautiful.


A life more Holy Beautiful.

Woman by the Water