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Jane is a ambassador and an artist for the Lord in every sense of the word. She runs after Him and seeks to be like Him. Jane offers all of herself, like our Father - she loves the lost, like our Father - and she creates the most beautiful pieces, just like our Father.                                                                                                                                                                                  - K. Casabona

I attended Jane's Sacred SELAH group. I really enjoyed the personal videos of her discussing things and give her big props for being able to be so nakedly honest. A lot of people struggle with that. She does it so boldly and genuinely honest.

                                                  - S. Aaron

"I purchased Jane’s book Captivated - Healing Meditations for 21st Century Christians. During this recent pandemic, I have relied on the meditations throughout the book to bring me peace and rest in the presence of Jesus. Each meditation is biblical and extremely well thought out. The guided imagery portions are incredibly well written incorporating all your senses in the experience. In my opinion, Jane is a gifted writer and I’d love another book from her!"

- P. Englin

I really enjoyed the time I spent working with Jane. She really listened to me and loved me exactly where I was. I felt so comfortable working with her, sharing hard things with her, and having her support me. She's very encouraging and a beautiful person.              - R. Cassidy

A time when I felt closest to the Lord was during the 100 days of Psalms and the Ecclesiastes study that Jane led. She puts her heart and spirit into anything she touches. I always look forward to her blogs and I can't wait for her new piece!

- M. Tenison

"What I love most about Jane is this courage that she possesses that brings life to all of the gifts that God has poured into her. Every single one of them she uses to honor Father. Not once have I seen her waiver in her confidence. It's the most beautiful journey that I've been given the honor to watch. I know Father is proud. I know I am encouraged. I'm also very grateful. "

- C. Oneill

Jane and I had Skype meetings because we were in 2 different states. I was in such a high anxiety/PTSD time in my life, that I needed any help I could get and anyway I could get it. Jane was so sweet and passionate about her work and it helping me with my anxiety. She worked around my schedule. She taught me breathing techniques and yoga poses that would help with different ailments. To this day I still use the breathing techniques and I have my anxiety and PTSD under control.  - A. RIce

Jane's writing and art have helped inspire my own teaching journey working with first responders and military. She truly is creative and inspiring!

                                                                                                 - T. Coash

Inspirational, compassionate and above all genuine. Everything Jane does is rooted in these things. It bleeds into everything around her.

                                                                                               - B. Kampff

What an inspiration this lady is! I can't tell you just how helpful this book (Great Sex Playbook) has been for my marriage! I'm just so impressed with This author. She has multiple different devotional type books she has written and I can't wait to read them all. Everything I've seen of hers so far is just exceptional. She is blessed and I'm grateful for her work!

                                                                                         - Kindle reader

Jane is the type of person born to inspire others. Her unique ideas and creativity deserve to be published and distributed to as many people as possible! She's definitely not the type that needs to be bottled up, her gift of selfless sharing has already helped so many people.

                                                                                         - E. DeAngelo

Having owned a few of Jane's books and reading her writings on Facebook and Instagram, I have to tell you there is a sort of peace and calm that comes over myself when reading her work! Everything is so beautifully written. Makes me want to buy and read more from her.

                                                                                                 - A. Rice

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