Sacred SELAH is a book meant to empower, encourage, and journey alongside you as you dig deep to overcome and live in freedom from anxiety by trusting in the redeeming truth of God's saving grace. It is a method that will whisk you away from the frantic chaos of the world and invite you to explore how personal peace can become a healing catalyst within you. The Sacred Selah method explores how spirituality, emotions, lamentation, acceptance, and harmony work together to bring a space of calm amid anxiety. It offers a welcome retreat from the pressures of life. It will transform lives desperately in need of a space to heal from wounds of their past and the uncertainty of their future. This book delivers a pathway to peace in a world full of unease, fear, and doubt by teaching the reader how to live fully in the present through relationship with Jesus Christ and the living Word of God.


What is selah? Translators of the Septuagint translate it as an intermission. Jane sees it as a contemplative pause. A moment to savor the words of the Father before moving forward. She considers selah a sacred space where we can be still in His presence and take in His glorious wisdom. Sacred Selah is the contemplative pause we all need to live a peaceful and contented life fully free in the presence of Christ. It is a book that provides a refreshing new approach to communion with our Creator. As individuals we require a unique plan to truly find peace in a chaotic world. When we gain understanding what role spirituality plays in well-being, how our emotions affect our contentment, how lamenting brings healing, and acceptance of all aspects of our lives brings us to a state of harmony we can live peacefully regardless of our anxieties and fears.



Sacred SELAH: Contemplative Rest for the Anxious Soul


    © 2020 by Jane Hanna Stoudt