sacred SELAH

Contemplative Rest for the Anxious Soul

Sacred SELAH is a book that empowers, encourages, and journeys alongside you as you dig deep to overcome and live in freedom from anxiety by trusting in the redeeming truth of God's saving grace. It is a method that will whisk you away from the frantic chaos of the world and invite you to explore how personal peace can become a healing catalyst within you. The Sacred Selah method explores how spirituality, emotions, lamentation, acceptance, and harmony work together to bring a space of calm amid anxiety. It offers a welcome retreat from the pressures of life. It will transform lives desperately in need of a space to heal from wounds of their past and the uncertainty of their future. This book delivers a pathway to peace in a world full of unease, fear, and doubt by teaching the reader how to live fully in the present through relationship with Jesus Christ and the living Word of God.

Sacred Selah groups 

I attended Jane's Sacred SELAH group. I really enjoyed the personal videos of her discussing things and give her big props for being able to be so nakedly honest. A lot of people struggle with that. She does it so boldly and genuinely honest. - S. Aaron

I have loved the content and context in which Sacred SELAH was presented! I'm so inspired and I want to share the info with others.                                     - E. DeAngelo

I was in the story and ready to know how to get past the anxiety                       -      T. Fraley

Sacred SELAH Ministries seeks to come alongside women who struggle with anxiety and depression. It is our mission to empower, encourage and journey alongside women as they dig deep to overcome and live in freedom from anxiety and depression by trusting in the redeeming truth of God's saving grace. It is through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that we are free. We need only seek His presence in our lives to live vibrant and full lives free from anxiety and depression. 

We believe that God's healing power is more than powerful enough to heal our  mind, body and soul and we also acknowledge that sometimes that comes from the healing power of medicine alongside an abundant relationship with Christ. Each healing journey is unique and we recognize the needs of the individual. We are not doctors nor are we psychiatrists. We do not offer medical advice. We are women who, by the grace of the Father, have taken our own healing journeys, gone through some deep transformations, extensively studied how to love people God's way and found ourselves called here to walk your journey with you in humble authenticity and obedience to the Father.


No judgement.

Only encouragement and love.

© 2020 by Jane Hanna Stoudt